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Commercial Insurance Options

Author: Insurance Broker

Everyone should have insurance of some kind and businesses should certainly have business liability insurance. Public liability insurance will protect them from a great many disasters such as storm or damage or vandalism or litigation if an employee or customer is hurt on the premises.

Choosing insurance options can seem like a headache, but it will not be nearly as big as the headache you will get if you don't have insurance when disaster strikes. Many businesses have been wiped out by flood or fire because they had no insurance. And while it is necessary to get the right kind of insurance for your needs, it is just as necessary to examine your current insurance each year to see if it still fits.

If your business has expanded or changed direction you could need different or additional insurance. So don't be fooled into thinking you have coverage when you may not have exactly what you need. The results could be just as devastating as having none at all.

Some of the more basic types of insurance coverage are: -

• Small business liability insurance for property and employees: this is for natural disasters such as flood or fire, and for accidents to employers or damage to property such as an accident to your business transport vehicle.

• Professional liability insurance for directors and officers: this will provide protection from personal liability if there is a claim against the business.

• Marine insurance coverage insures boats and marine equipment and differs from ordinary vehicle insurance.

• Builders warranty insurance will protect employees if injured on the construction site.

• Home owners warranty insurance needs to be taken out by the builder before starting work on a home. It must also be provided by an owner/builder if the home is sold within six years of renovations/building work.

A business insurance broker will be able to help you figure out exactly what type of insurance cover you need for your business.

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